Shetland Tourist Guides

– Step-on guide: The guide will simply “step-on” to the visitor’s transport and accompany them on their tour.
– Town walk: Walking tours in Lerwick, Shetland’s capital (some guides specify a maximum number of guests, shown in brackets)
– Walking tours: Walking tours in various areas of Shetland. These often have a specific focus or interest, such as wildlife etc., which is then listed. (some guides specify a maximum number of guests, shown in brackets).
– Driver guide: Uses own transport, such as car, minibus or coach to travel where and when the vistors require. (maximum passenger capacity shown).
– Boat tour manager: Operates Boat trips around Shetland (available from from Brae Marina), tailor-made boat excusions, contact Boat Tour Manager directly for details.
– Coach tour manager: Manages your Tour of Shetland (all travel and accommodation arrangements) and owns full spec 49 seat Touring Coach – or provides local drivers for visitor’s coach in Shetland if required.

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Catriona Anderson
Coach tour manager
Ponies, Life in rural Shetland today
 Contact via Email
Margaret Anderson
Local Knowledge, Dialect, Spinning and Knitting
01806 522043
07810 034854
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Pat Burgess
Step-on, Walking tours (max 35)
French Norwegian German Spanish
Birds, Flowers, Culture, Dialect, History
01950 460381
0799 0 515100
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Edna Burke
Step-on, Town walks
Local History, Life in Shetland Today
01595 695287
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Jim Dickson
Operates Boat Tours. Step-on, Town walks, Country Walks
Boat Trips Archaeology History Wild Life  Shetland Fishing and Aquaculture Oil, Gas and Renewable Industries
01806 522429
07880 950246
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Arnold Duncan
Step on, Town Walks, Scalloway Walks
Local History, Scalloway Castle, the Stewart connection
01595 880419
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Willis Margaret Duncan
Step-on, Walking Tours
Natural History, Landscape, Shetland Heritage & Culture
01595 880512
077 657 96069
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Ingirid Eunson
Step-on, Town Walks, Walking Tours, Fair Isle Tours
Wildlife, Crofting, Knitting, Art, Archaeology, Food and drink, Shetland Tradition and Culture, Walking
01806 522429
07831 564944
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Jolene Garriock
Step-on, Town Walks
Life in Shetland
01595 693727
07753 628692
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Nadia Gould
Step-on, Town Walks
Russian German
Natural and social history of Shetland,
01595 695385
07786 778305
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Roy Greenwald
Driver: small group tours
Photography, Dance, Shetland Music
01595 692080
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Nat Hall
Step-on, Walking tours with a focus on nature and coast
“Wild Shetland”, History, Arts (writing and photography), Shetland life & culture
Contact via Email http://nordicblack
Robin Hunter
Step-on, Walking tours with a focus on hill and coastal walks
Seabirds, Archaeology, Life in Shetland, Genealogy, Dialect
01950 477830
07810 280175
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Linda Johnston
Step-on, Town Walks, Country Walks
Local History, Culture, Dialect, Shetland Gardens, Mousa
01950 477331
07500 289581
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Deborah Lamb
Step-on, Walking tours with a focus on archaeology, Town Walks
Archaeology (specialist & general)
01595 880550
07796 220489
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Melvyn Leask
Step-on, Town walks
Music; Up Helly Aa; Dialect
01595 741212
07786 596689
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Aneta Luksikova
Step-on, Town Walks
Shetland’s past, present and future
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Jacqueline Mercer
01595 695269
07789 383042
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Sarah McBurnie
Driver:all of Shetland
01957 711367
07747 658003
Contact via Email, www.seeshetland
Peter van Mill
Driver guide Step-on, Town Walks, Walking tours
Dutch German
Hollanders in Lerwick, Shetlands Economy Northern Isles, Yell&Unst Photography
Contact via Email
Hamish Nicol
Step-on, Town Walks
” Born and Bred “, local Knowledge, Music, Birds
01595 693413
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Wendy Nicol
Step-on, Town Walks
01595 840272
07818 655007
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Zuzanna O’ Rourke
German, Polish
Archaeology, History
01595 859212
07825 777069
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Silke Reeploeg
Step-on, Town Walks
German Spanish
Cultural history, Arts & Crafts, Music, Archaeology, Food & Drink
01595 820727
07990 592760
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Morag Reid
Contact via Email
Anne Sutherland
01595 693089
07901 640322
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Douglas Sinclair
Town Walks (max 15)
Old Lerwick, Genealogy
01595 692446
07789 202440
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Lawrence Tulloch
Storytelling, Folklore, Archaeology, Local history
01806 533368
07899 671462
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Liz Tulloch
01595 692746
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Regina Verheyen
Step-on, Walking and Boat Tours
Shetland Lifestyle today, Arts, Crafts & Photography, Ponies, Crofting and Rural Life, Archaeology Jarlshof, Boat Trips & Wildlife, Mousa, North Isles Yell & Unst
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 Helen Watkins
Step-on, Walking tours
Birds, Flowers, Wildlife Archaeology, Shetland Heritage
01957 766217
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Arwed Wenger
Step-on, Town walks, Country Walks
Life in Shetland, Social and economic development within Shetland (past and present), walks through stunning landscape, photography
01595 693973
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Jim Young
Step-on, Town Walks
Walking tours
Birds, Folklore, Culture, Archaeology, History, Dialect, Shetland Bus, Place names
01595 696794
0777 5902293
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